Phone Therapy

Managing the pressures of daily living can often feel like trying to climb a mountain whose summit seems impossible to reach. Simultaneous and conflicting, the needs of employers and family, coupled with the burden to juggle finances in an increasingly unruly economy, can make the climb a particularly precarious balancing act. In order to maintain a strong foothold in your ascent, the mountain itself requires a solid base of mental health.

Between time constraints and the demands upon your emotional and intellectual resources, the temptation is to deny your own needs. Without making the time to examine the issues impacting you and without identifying coping mechanisms, the consequences can cause you to lose your balance and slip off that mountain. Even if you manage to cling to it, issues and emotions that remain unexamined can adversely affect your physical health as well as your mental well-being.

How, then, can you seek professional counseling when you are unable to find the time to shoehorn therapy into your busy schedule? The answer is both simple and effective: telephone therapy. At first glance, phone therapy may seem an odd approach. But when you distill the essence of therapy down to its most basic components, you will see that it has little to do with the stereotypical image of settling into a comfortable couch and closing your eyes in a tastefully appointed office.

The true value of counseling is:

  • The environment of trust and healing created by the therapist,
  • Genuine communication between the client and the analyst, and
  • The opportunity to explore viable pathways to the reduction of stress and larger life issues.

All of this can be accomplished over the telephone, and on your schedule.

Consider the time saving and other advantages of a lunch hour, for example, spent in consultation with a skilled, licensed professional. At the end of that hour, you will emerge

  • Less tense,
  • More productive, and
  • Benefiting from insight gained during your dialogue.

Over the phone, and in time frames that best suit you, I can facilitate your ability to learn and grow from what you may have perceived as downfalls, and assist you in facing your responsibilities with greater confidence and ease. As each client is an individual with unique circumstances and specialized needs, telephone therapy may not be the best avenue for you; not all therapy can be conducted in this manner.

If you have reached the point where you realize you would benefit from counseling and cannot see your way to make an appointment for a face-to-face consultation, why not contact me today to discuss how and why telephone therapy may be an option for you. Armed with the ability to access therapy on your own schedule, your personal mountains-to-climb can become less insurmountable and more manageable.

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