About My Practice

 The heart of the matter

Low self-esteem festers at the heart of numerous psychological issues. Manifesting as anxiety and depression, these symptoms can cause you to feel apprehensive about myriad aspects of your life as well as unworthy of love and respect.  As a licensed clinical social worker dedicated to addressing these issues, I believe that no human being deserves to suffer in the silence and isolation born of low self-esteem.  Furthermore, I am firmly convinced that by changing his or her thinking patterns, every person possesses the resources to solve his or her problems.  Underpinning my convictions are more than twenty years of experience in providing consultations and individualized counseling to clients.  Through talk therapy, and in diverse therapeutic settings including not limited to the public school system, I have supported individuals in uncovering the root causes of their problems, identifying solutions, and implementing pathways to healing.


       Who can benefit 

Through a skilled and compassionate approach, I have assisted adults, families, and others facing a broad range of self-induced and external pressures. My areas of expertise encompass grief management, skill development, matters involving gender, addictions, depression, and anxiety as well as the unique issues facing children and adolescents in what can often appear to be a frightening and uncaring society.

As a SAP (Substance Abuse Professional), I have been certified by the NJDOT (New Jersey State Department of Transportation).  In this capacity, I am empowered to evaluate and counsel persons suffering from addictions to illegal substances as well as alcohol.  This includes clients who have received DWI offenses.


Designed to address the specific needs of each client, my techniques include cognitive therapy, behavior management, and for children, play therapy. In response to the evolving needs of my clients, I also offer the option of conducting your therapy via telephone.

A call to me at:

(201) 224-3437 or (201) 446-4529

will enable you to place your feet upon a course to healing uniquely suited to your circumstances.



            Fair and competitive, you will find my rates listed on the Home Page of this site.